Based on the noble principles of the Turkmen people, such as kindness, humanitarianism, generosity, preserving the spiritual and moral values of our forefathers, continuously developing our national traditions, to live a happy life of our citizens is the main goal of the state policy of our esteemed President. 

Of course, the turkmen people attach special importance to the holy month of oraza which celebrates our spiritual values such as spiritual and moral purity, humanitarianism, kindness, and gratitude. 

Purifying the soul and spirit by fasting in the holy month of oraza is one of the main virtues of the holy month of oraza. Because a person who fasts feels clean, light and energetic. 

By fasting, we protect the body from disease. Fasting protects a person from saying bad words, lust, and greediness. This month is ranked as a month of charity and contentment, pure and good deeds in our people. The month of fasting is a month devoted entirely to piety and purity. In this month, fasting which is one of the five obligations is observed, offences are forgotten, and sins are forgiven. 

On the occasion of the month of fasting in the country, alms donations are given, taraweeh prayer is recited, praying for the well-being of homes, the peace of our beloved Motherland, the happiness and prosperity of our country, and for the health of our esteemed President. 

It is the most auspicious time of the month, when it is the night of gadyr, which is seen more than a thousand months. Worship, kindness, and humanitarianism performed on the night of gadyr are considered to be equivalent to the blessings of a thousand months. On this auspicious, prayerful and worshipful night, the united turkmen people makes a wide spread tables in its sacred homes, cooks various dishes, and offers to its neighbors. 

Based on the humanitarian principles of our esteemed President, in our country the night of gadyr has a special meaning. According to the original tradition, in honor of this holy month, the blessed night, our esteemed President signs the Decree on pardoning those who have been dismissed for committing a crime. As a result of kindness of our esteemed President, the sins of hundreds of our repentant citizens have been forgiven, they return to their holy homes in this auspicious month. 

Thus, in our holy Motherland the month of Ramadan is completed with the observance of good and bright deeds, including our wonderful national traditions, deeds, generosity to the light. 

May the prayers, good hopes and wishes for the unity of our nation, well-being, stability of our beloved country, for the success of all the attitudes of our esteemed President be accepted in the presence of the great and mighty Allah on the blessed Gadyr night of "the year of happy youth with Arkadag Serdar" ! 


Leading specialist of Organizational management of apparatus
of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.