The holy Oraza holiday has come. Oraza holiday is a holy festival. And the month of Oraza is remembered as a month of spiritual purity, social harmony, and generous charity. A tarawa prayer is recited to mark the beginning of the month of Oraza. People recite this prayer for a month as a symbol of unity, friendship and spirituality. 

Oraza holiday is one of the oldest holidays of many peoples of the world, including the turkmen people celebrating the spiritual values of moral purity, humanitarianism and kindness, gratitude, which have been passed from centuries to centuries, from generation to generation. In the ancient turkmen land, as in the entire muslim world, the holy month of Oraza, which lasted for thirty days, is completed and the Oraza holiday is celebrated. 

This holy festival, which has found a new dimension in our national calendar after our Independence, embodies the principles of benevolence. 

Our national holidays are celebrated by the people with a new color and a grand ceremony. Among them, the Oraza holiday is widely celebrated as a universal celebration in Turkmenistan. 

The Oraza holiday is celebrated every year by the Decree of the honorable President. "In the year of Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar", as in other years, our happy people welcome this holiday with great spirit and joy. The exemplary works completed in this auspicious and blessed month instill in our future generations the noble feelings of humanity, kindness, respect for each other, and brotherhood. 

Our people, who have been fasting for a month and fed on good prayers, are resting on the basis of the Decree of our esteemed President and celebrating the Oraza holiday in unity. In the Islamic world, during the Oraza holiday, which is widely celebrated as the end of the month of Oraza, many of our compatriots go to mosques for holiday prayers and give alms. 

The month of Oraza is the month of generosity and compassion which inculcates the best qualities in everyone. A person doing good deeds, and attains harmony with the world around us. 

One of the values of this holy month is Gadyr gije, which comes during the Oraza period and is considered the most auspicious of a thousand months. 

In our wonderful time, our national values and traditions are treated with respect. Great works are being done to restore, develop, and promote them. Among them is the holy Oraza holiday. Every year our esteemed President adopts a Decree on the passing of sins on the occasion of the holy night of           Gadyr gije. 

By fasting during the month of Oraza, the body and the spiritual world of a person are purified. During this period a person's body, mind and spirit form a perfect harmony. 

This month is a month of patience, purification and mercy for muslims. For the people of Turkmenistan, the month of oraza focuses on spiritual values that will not fade away - moral purity, compassion and humanitarianism. 

In our country the Oraza holiday is celebrated in a great unity, with vivid feelings and noble desires, according to the ancient traditions of turkmenes’ ancestors. Oraza holiday strengthens our faith in all the good things of life and increases our strength to reach higher scores in our chosen path. 

We sincerely congratulate our turkmen people on this blessed holiday. May your fastings and good prayers be accepted! 


Ayna Saryyeva, 
archivist of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.