The one of the national treasures of the ancient and glorious turkmen people, such as fine carpets, gold and silver jewellery, is their reed-ear horse. Inherited from our brave forefathers, our horses which are a natural beauty are internationally renowned. For several millennia, the turkmen have considered their horse to be their joy, spiritual wings, pride. In fact, the horse is considered to be close to the spirit and character of the turkmen from the beginning. Speedy, amazing horses are the decoration of all festivals, the wings of the turkmen, a symbol of true pride and revival. 

In our Motherland, Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan every year on the last Sunday of April the Horse day is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Events dedicated to that celebration are widespread in all parts of the country and continue for several days. On this beloved holiday of our people, scientific consultations, meetings with prominent horse breeders and trainers of the country, sports competitions, concerts are held and plays, films are shown. 

Following the noble principles of our forefathers, the entire turkmen people consider the horse to be their most valuable treasure. There is such a wise word inherited from our forefathers, that is "Get up early in the morning see your father, after your father your horse" a great saying. From these wonderful words it can be seen that since ancient times turkmen have placed the horse in second place after the father, who is considered the head of the family. 

The turkmen horse impresses the nations of the world with its beauty, endurance, loyalty to its owner. Unparalleled in beauty and speed, the glory of the reed-ear turkmen horse has passed through the centuries and its value is a source of pride for the young generations. 

The ahalteke horse is a national treasure of the turkmen people and a great contribution to world culture. The ahalteke horse born in turkmen land, is a symbol of strength, health, beauty created by human labor and talent in nature. In our horses' wonderful delicate beauty, sensitivity, speedy, loyalty, there is the endless suffering of our ancestors, the priceless sincere pure hard work. 

The glory of turkmen horses - the famous ahalteke steeds - has been spreading throughout the world for centuries. Ahalteke horses have repeatedly entered the history of long-distance racing in world horse breeding. World-renowned scientists have repeatedly noted that they are very durable. In 1935, when the Ashgabat-Moscow march was held, turkmen jigits managed to cross this distance in 84 days. They traveled more than 60 kilometers in one day. 30 years later, in June, during the heat of the day, turkmen jigits crossed 1200 kilometers through the desert in 22 days. They managed to cover a distance of about 55 kilometers in one day. 

Heavenly horses are held in high esteem in their place of origin - turkmen land. When we created our state emblems in the first years of our country's Independence it was decided to place the proud image of a horse in the center of our state emblem as the most valuable asset. World-famous for their strength and beauty turkmen horses are our national pride and glory. Great efforts are being made to continue our horse breeding traditions from our ancestors and to pass them on to our younger generations, to increase their love for equestrian. 

The ahalteke horses, which made called themselves "King's horses" in the great layers of history, which are famous as "Heavenly horses", which have been promoted as "Sky horses" in ancient Chinese writings, are truly a great treasure of world civilization. 

With the establishment of the International ahalteke equestrian association in our country opened wide opportunities for the in-depth study of works related to the famous ahalteke horses, famous horse breeders and horse trainers, and opportunities for our country to become a venue for international competitions related to ahalteke horses. 

Coordination of the turkmen equestrian system with the international industry is becoming a major necessity. In this regard it is an important task for Turkmenistan to take the leading positions in world horse breeding. In fact, in the history of the world the cost of the ahalteke horses and the turkmen land is huge. 

Such things happen in life. They have a special fate from the moment of their creation, they are improved and discovered day by day on their way of development and finally they have a final shape. After that, they comfort the souls of not one, not ten, not a hundred, but thousands of people with their presence. Not only one person owns it, but the whole nation owns it and patronizes it. Because it is the face of the people and the song of the heart. Each of them is a masterpiece. Those masterpieces reveal the people's ability, success, in short, their characteristic features that distinguish them from others. They are implanted in our mind with father's word and in our blood with mother's milk. A person lives with them, works, raises children. 

Our beautiful horses, which have been bred in turkmen land since ancient times and have become valuable to all mankind are one of the best among the thoroughbreds, purebred horses in the world. Our heavenly horses, which have become the pride and close confidant friend with their loyalty, speed and beauty are the joy, the wing of our people. 

The relationship of friendship and loyalty between man and horse is widely reflected in our wonderful classical works. This is clearly evidenced by proverbs in turkmen folklore, which have a deep meaning and are of great importance in improving a person's worldview. Our brave people who created many proverbs such as "There will be a holiday where the horse runs", "Who has a horse has wings", "There is no price for speedy horse" could not imagine their life without a horse. Because speedy horses are the miracle of our ancient land, the wing and pride of the turkmen! 

May our Hero Arkadag’s, our esteemed President’s lives who cares a lot about the happy living, inspiring for work, study, creation of the turkmen people will be long, healthy, great deeds will always prosper. 


Dinmuhammet ANNACHARYEV, 
chief specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.