In the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state the main task is the modern development of Ashgabat city, turning it into one of the most livable and beautiful cities in the world. To this day this task has been successfully completed by the efforts of our Hero Arkadag, and it continues under the leadership of our esteemed President. 

Ashgabat - our white city is famous in the world for its unique appearance of white marble buildings. 

As our esteemed President noted, "Celebration of Ashgabat city day on May 25 every year is one of the joyous events for residents of the turkmen capital." Ashgabat city day which is solemnly celebrated is also a symbol that our capital became of national pride. 

The capital of our country is being completely rebuilt from the love and tenderness of all people. Various works are being carried out to create more favorable conditions for the cultural recreation of the population of Ashgabat and its guests, and multifaceted works are carried out to further improve the city's architectural and urban development. The "White city Ashgabat" monument located along the Magtymguly avenue is one of the magnificent buildings that complement this beauty. 

Despite many difficult challenges in its history, our capital Ashgabat has changed beyond recognition since the day we gained our Independence. The city took new look with the construction and commissioning of social and cultural buildings, residential houses, parks and monuments, secondary and higher education schools, modern recreation centers. 

Today, Ashgabat is a city of youth, beauty and purity. Our capital has become a city of peace, tranquility and well-being. With the great initiatives of our Hero Arkadag and our esteemed President our pearl city Ashgabat has become a peace-creating and conciliatory center in the world, as well as become a recognized center of major business, cultural and international cooperation in the region. That is why our Hero Arkadag notes in his book " My white city - Ashgabat": "Ashgabat is the city of the future". Beauty and comfort, achievements of advanced architectural and engineering ideas and ancient traditions of national architecture are uniquely harmonized in Ashgabat. In its architectural form our capital represents the doctrine of the state and society, which is built and developed on the basis of the laws of wisdom and harmony. 

Ashgabat was recognized as the pearl of Central Asia, and became the national pride of the turkmen people during the prosperity period of Powerful state. Ashgabat has been included in the Guinness book of World records eleven times with its unique buildings with unique architectural solutions. This is a clear sign that the works being done in the main city of our country is world class. The Ashgabat city is the place of friendship, international forums, exhibitions, festivals, scientific and practical consultations. There is a connection with the 142nd anniversary of our beloved capital Ashgabat celebrating the happiness, peace and high development of our state of Turkmenistan, and the "Soňky jaň" ceremony. The role and importance of the "Soňky jaň" ceremony in our social life which includes the moments of farewell with the sacred place of education of the lucky graduates - our future youth, is getting more and more important. The fact that this wonderful holiday coincides with the 142nd anniversary of the city of Ashgabat gives a special highlight to the "Soňky jaň" celebration. As usual, in the year in which the honor and glory of our Independent Motherland and united people are filled to the world, festive events are held in all general education schools of our sunny land. Festivals that fill the hearts of graduates, teachers, education workers and all people with joy are a clear testimony to the fact that our dear Motherland is a place of happiness. 

May Ashgabat, which is becoming a world model city under the wise leadership of our Hero Arkadag, our esteemed President be the city of eternity and flourish for centuries. Congratulations on the 142nd anniversary of the founding of our capital! 

May the lifes of our Hero Arkadag and our esteemed President who made his people live a happy and prosperous life be long, nobel heads be save, great works be always successful! 


Merdan Halbayev, 
chief specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.