In the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state, in the first days of the golden autumn in Turkmenistan the day of knowledge and students is celebrated in a solemn, high spirited manner. On this occasion, on the 1st of September in all schools of our country, the first bell, announcing the beginning of the new academic year 2023-2024, will ring with its joyful sound, and festive events will be held. 

On the occasion of the day of knowledge and students, our esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov's Congratulation to the schoolchildren, students, teachers and employees of the education system of Independent and eternally Neutral Turkmenistan is read with pride. 

The blessing of our State Leader to the young generation to be on the bright path of knowledge and great discoveries cheers up the spirit of happy generations, carries their soul into the high. 

Thus, in our holy Motherland the new school year begins with wonderful events, dreams, joy and great confidence. 

Science is considered the key to prosperity and the foundation of a bright future. Therefore, great importance is attached to the development of this system. A clear example of this is the increase in the number of higher education institutions in our country and the number of students admitted to them every year. 

As a results of the efforts of our esteemed President, young people are being formed who are loyal to our Motherland, our people, to the great principles of our ancestors, and our national traditions. 

Concern for the young generation, raising it on the basis of national and universal values ​​is one of the priority directions of the state policy of Turkmenistan. In the framework of the ongoing huge reforms, special importance is attached to improving the national education system. 

Currently, wide opportunities are being created for the creative development of young turkmen people. The steps taken in this area are primarily aimed at providing the necessary conditions for obtaining a full-level and versatile education, and educating a harmoniously developed young generation, true patriots. 

The continuous construction of modern schools, pre-school institutions, and higher education institutions in the cities and villages of our beloved Land, provision of them with modern computers, other necessary equipment and training manuals, introduction of advanced scientific achievements, interactive-multimedia and digital technologies into educational activities testifies to the fact that special attention is paid to the training of high-level personnel for this system, and to the improvement of the professional level of teachers. 

The digital education system has a special role in educating youth at the global level. The adoption of the "Concept of developing the digital education system in Turkmenistan" allows to achieve higher results in the work carried out in this field. 

The educational buildings have comfortable furniture, spacious and bright rooms equipped with modern educational equipment, language rooms for in-depth study of foreign languages, specially equipped rooms for computer science, biology, physics, chemistry and other courses, medical rooms, canteens. Also, there are sports and conference halls, libraries equipped with educational and fictions, and all conditions are created for the effective work of teachers. 

All this has become another proof that special attention is paid to the proper upbringing and development of students, schoolchildren and children in Turkmenistan in the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state. 

Thus, in general education schools, all conditions are created for students to improve intellectually and physically, to acquire modern knowledge. Those knowledge allow young people to contribute to the further development of our Motherland in the future. 

Because our future development depends on the education, work ability, hard work and patriotism of today's young people who are the continuation of our country. 

May our Hero Arkadag’s and our esteemed President’s lives who made the people live in a happy, prosperous life be long, noble heads be saved, great deeds be filled with success! 

Happy holidays on the occasion of knowledge and students day! 


leading specialist of Organizational management of apparatus of the Commission for holding Elections and referendums in Turkmenistan