Guided by wise instructions, the advice of our esteemed President, the further conduct of elections in our country, in accordance with national legislation and international requirements, transparently, on democratic principles and on an alternative basis, as well as the full exercise of the electoral rights of citizens in the established manner, of particular importance is the election commissions.

The precinct election commissions, along with other election commissions, within the framework of their powers, carry out the hard part of the preparation and conduct of the election of the President of Turkmenistan, deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, members of the velayat, etrap, city Halk maslahaty and Gengeshes, and popular and local referendums.

Being the largest part of the election campaign participants, precinct election commissions have close contact with voters. These commissions own most of the work and responsibility.

In this regard, we decided to give a concept about this election commission.

Precinct election commissions in their work are based on the Constitution of Turkmenistan and are guided by the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan and other legislative acts.

The precinct election commission is formed by the corresponding etrap, city election commission, composed of 5 to 15 members. If necessary, the precinct election commission may be formed with a minimum of 3 members. A citizen of Turkmenistan with the right to vote who has reached eighteen years of age may become a member of a precinct election commission.

If the precinct election commission is composed of less than 5 members, then in accordance with the procedure determined by the Central election commission, only the chairman and secretary of the commission are elected from among the members. If, however, more representatives were nominated to the precinct election commission than provided for by the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, then the etrap, city election commission, having studied the autobiography of the nominated representatives, the composition of the commission can be formed by choosing, taking into account their qualifications, industry, authority and gender equality.

The powers of the previous composition of the precinct election commission shall terminate from the day of the first meeting of the new composition. The term of office of a precinct election commission begins from the moment of its first meeting. In case of early departure of members of the precinct election commission, representatives of this precinct commission are nominated at meetings of groups of citizens, primary organizations of political parties, public associations and the new composition is approved by the etrap, city election commission.

In the framework of activities related to ensuring transparency of work related to elections and in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 32 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, information on the composition of precinct election commissions is brought to the attention of the population.

Now let’s dwell on the powers of precinct election commissions.

In accordance with Article 37 of the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, precinct election commissions:

- notify voters of election day, the place and time of voting;

- make a list of voters for the precinct;

- organize the familiarization of voters with the voter list, accept and consider applications for inaccuracies in the list, decide on the introduction of appropriate corrections;

- ensure the readiness of the premises for voting and ballot boxes;

- on the day of voting, organize voting at the polling station, as well as early voting and voting outside the polling station;

- count votes at the polling station and summarize the election results;

- consider complaints and statements regarding the preparation of elections and the organization of voting;

- execute decisions of higher election commissions;

- submit to the higher election commissions information on the results of the vote count;

- exercise other powers provided for in the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan.

It should be noted that in order to provide a detailed and detailed explanation of the tasks facing the preparation and holding of elections, the procedure for carrying out work on their implementation, as well as the procedure for using official documents used in elections, elections of different levels held in our country are being prepared for precinct election commissions special guidelines.

In addition, the Central election commission prepared and approved the provisions “On the Procedure for compiling and using the voter list”, “On the procedure for preparing the premises for voting at the polling station”, “On the organization of the work of the election commission”.

Also, 2568 precinct election commissions and 39 precinct election commissions operating in Turkmenistan established at foreign diplomatic missions (consulates) of Turkmenistan are equipped with official seals, signs, certificates members of the commission and other material values of a single type. It should also be noted that during the elections, methodological training seminars are held with precinct election commissions.

As you know, due to the expiration of the term of office of precinct election commissions created in October 2014, in October-November 2019, precinct election commissions were re-created. Separately, it should be noted that these measures were carried out in accordance with the law and on time.

Representatives of political parties, public associations, groups of citizens of our country were nominated for new election commissions. Among 17586 members there are representatives of different ages and levels of education, working in different systems, various nationalities living in our country, as well as a large indicator of the number of women. And this demonstrates the perfect political diversity that has formed in our country, serving one purpose - only for the good of the people and country.

Along with other precinct election commissions, they were awarded the gratitude of the distinguished President for the fair, skillful fulfillment of his duties in accordance with the law, for the organization of an important social and political event in accordance with modern requirements for the benefit of the people and the country, for his significant contribution to the triumph of democracy in our country, as well as for active participation in the preparation for the elections and their organized organization.

And this clearly shows that in the conduct of elections in Independent, constantly Neutral Turkmenistan, organized and in conditions of broad democracy, along with other participants in all election events, local election commissions also make a significant contribution.

Bezirgen Garaev, 
Chief specialist of the Organizational department
of central commission for holding elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.