13 Mar

Spring season of tree planting

In our country, the organization of the spring season of tree planting has now become a kind of tradition. With the onset of spring, every person in our villages and cities plant different seedlings.

Dear President during a recent digital video conference with the participation of the deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers in charge of the capital and regions, heads of several ministries, hakims of the city of Ashgabat and regions, having considered with the issues of socio-economic transformations being carried out in the capital and regions, seasonal agricultural work, preparation for national holidays, as well as issues related to the construction of industrial and cultural-social facilities planned to be built and commissioned in honor of the 25th anniversary permanent Neutrality of our country. Special attention was paid to the preparation of the National spring holiday - International Day of Novruz and the mass tree planting ceremony.

The National Leader, giving appropriate instructions to organize a gardening ceremony in the capital and its environs, emphasized the need for the harmonious functioning of economic services and the introduction of advanced digital technologies to the urban management system.

In Turkmenistan, special attention is paid to planting trees, which are a natural decoration. This year it is planned to plant a large number of fruit trees. At the same time, the maintenance of artificial forests formed in the suburbs of the capital of the country, regional and district centers is improving. A unique fauna and flora has formed in these forest zones. Today is the time for their scientific study with experts and scientists. In Turkmenistan, rational work is also being carried out to drip irrigation of these forest territories. The eye rejoices when looking at the forest tracts grown in the plots allocated to various ministries and departments of the country!

We wish success to our compatriots who are ready to organize the season of tree planting and caring for the forests.

22 Sept
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19 Sept
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23 Aug
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22 Aug
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31 July
The certificates were handed over to the elected members of gengesh

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27 July
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25 July
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