10 June

Dedicated work brings to success

Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, our country is undergoing significant changes in all sectors of the economy and high-speed growth is ensured. In the year of "the Era of the People with Arkadag" of the Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state our Motherland is moving forward with sustainable development. 

As you know, recently our esteemed President met with the deputy chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers in charge of the agro-industrial complex through digital systems. It was reported that the country's silk workers had successfully delivered their contractual obligations by handing over more than 2,300 tons of cocoon to the Motherland’s threshing floor.

The President received the good news with satisfaction, our people and our brave cocoon growers fulfilling the contractual obligation to deliver the cocoon, heartily congratulated on the great achievement of labor, wished everyone good health, a prosperous life and a higher level in their dedicated work for the further prosperity of our country. 

Silk production has a special role to play in the development of the textile industry, which is one of the most important sectors of our national economy. 

As a result of the consistent implementation of comprehensive measures to support the industry by our esteemed President, all the necessary conditions for the development of silk production are being created. Today, silk production is based on the advanced requirements of the times. The silk factory of Ashgabat and the silk production association of Turkmenabat are the main enterprises in the silk processing industry. In these enterprises, which are fully modernized and equipped with modern equipment new factories have been opened for the production of silk carpets, national ketene fabrics and other products. 

Our esteemed President noted that, it is planned to further increase the amount of investment in silk in the future, so this create additional places of work for our population, and it will allow to increase the production of valuable raw.

16 Sept
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01 July
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28 June
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16 June
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13 June
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