15 Nov

The holiday of sustenance

In the prosperous period of our Sovereign state, it has become a noble tradition in our country to celebrate the Harvest holiday, which is a symbol of national pride, as a result of the hard work of our farmers, a bountiful harvest grown in the turkmen land. In the year "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust", a rich harvest of "white gold" was grown and harvested in our country. Cotton is one of the main resources of our country.

Inspired by the broad opportunities created by our national leader, the cotton farmers of our country have celebrated the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence with great success. As a result of the joint efforts of cotton growers and mechanizers, more than 1,250,000 tons of "white gold" were delivered to the Motherland harvest and reached its peak.

As it is known, this year the Turkmen grain growers have achieved remarkable success. They delivered more than 1.4 million tons of wheat to the Motherland harvest and fulfilled the state obligations to harvest food grains. Fruit and vegetable growers have also made a worthy contribution to the strengthening of our national economy by growing a bountiful harvest. 

Cotton growing is an important sector in Turkmenistan's production of imported goods and a significant contribution to the implementation of the state programs approved by the President to increase the export potential of our national economy. 

As our hero Arkadag noted in his work, "Independence is our happiness": Our land is very fertile, so they say that "even a stick stuck in the ground blossoms." With the right approach, hard work, everything that is necessary for human life can be grown and develop on it: wheat, cotton, rice, vegetables, melons, fruit trees. According to agricultural scientists, more than 20 varieties of cotton are grown in our country in accordance with the soil and climatic conditions of the regions. 

Cotton growing is an important sector in Turkmenistan's production of imported goods and a significant contribution to the implementation of the state programs approved by the President to increase the export potential of our national economy. 

The cotton is irrigated crop. This ancient crop, which is capable of receiving 95 percent of its yield, has its place and significance in almost every aspect of life. If we look at the history of the use of cotton in the garment industry alone, it is more than three thousand years old. As it known, cotton, which is growing in value, is now grown in more than 100 countries around the world. But the saying, "The place different, the land different" is not the same as unity and blessings everywhere. Because turkmen cotton, which is grown in accordance with the soil and climatic conditions of our sunny country, is recognized as one of the best in the world in terms of quality.  The soil-climatic conditions of our sunny Land are favorable for the cultivation of medium and fine-fiber varieties of cotton. In the organization of modern production based on innovative technology, natural cotton fiber is a very valuable raw material for the textile industry of our country. 

In order to develop the textile industry, which is one of the most important sectors of the national economy, the construction and commissioning of textile enterprises equipped with modern equipment, which meet modern requirements, is underway in different regions of the country. This year, one of such complexes was commissioned with the participation and blessing of our of esteemed President in Kaka district of Ahal velayat, which has a new textile complex with a capacity of 5,000 tons of fine fiber per year. The complex has a production capacity of 3,650 tons of high-quality yarn, 12 million square meters of various fabrics a year and 1,200,000 ready-made garments. 

There are currently more than 60 businesses under the sector, employing more than 24,000 people. Today, our high-quality, environmentally friendly textile products are exported to dozens of countries around the world under the label "Made in Turkmenistan". 

Following the wisdom of our forefathers, "Action from the farmer, blessing from the ground," the rich harvest that our farmers have instilled into the motherland is a guarantee of the well-being of every family, the happy life of our people. 

May the life of our esteemed President, who nourishes the agricultural sector of our country for great development, live be long and great deeds for the nation be prosper ! 

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