26 Apr

The statement of international observers’ group of Organization of Turkic States

As we know, international observers attended the March 12, 2022 Presidential elections in Turkmenistan. Among them, it should be noted that an international team of observers led by the General secretary of the Organization of Turkic States, Baghdad Amreyev, also participated in the elections observation. 

In the statement of the observers group issued on its website on the results of the Presidential elections in Turkmenistan, in particular, the following are noted: 

"We have carried out our work in accordance with the national legislation of Turkmenistan and the generally recognized rules of international law on the organization and conduct of elections. 

The observers group reviewed in detail the ongoing reforms in Turkmenistan, the Electoral code, the participation of international observers in the elections, and the organization of voting in the country and beyond. Special attention should be paid to the conduct of special trainings during the election season. 

When it comes to election preparations, 2618 polling stations have been set up in the country. Including 41 polling stations were set up in 30 foreign countries. This has created favorable conditions for eligible voters living abroad for voting. This is one of the main steps required to organize such a major socio-political event. 

All candidates are nominated for the first time, in turn, symbolizes the renewal of the country’s political structure and the strengthening of the chosen path of development. 

The nomination of candidates from the existing political parties and from all velayats and from the city of Ashgabat by the citizens’ suggestion groups is a sign that the representation of all strata of society is expanding. 

Candidates were given equal opportunities and conditions in all areas during the election season. As part of the pre-election preaching works, for performing with their own programs in the media each candidate was allocated 15 minutes. This means that equal conditions and opportunities have been created for candidates. 

Representatives of the Observers group of Organization of Turkic States on the day of the elections visited 8 polling stations in Ashgabat and 3 in Ahal velayat. Information on the voting process and the number of voters who took part in it was announced at the appointed time in accordance with the national electoral legislation. On election day at the discretion of the voters, by voting for a worthy candidate, all the necessary conditions were provided for perform their civil duty. 

The turnout was high and the election was held in accordance with the Electoral code. Young citizens who have the right to vote for the first time were given special attention at the polling stations and were presented souvenirs. Observers group did not see that someone else outside was trying to influence how voters should vote, full access to go to the polls and received detailed information from members of the polling station. Also it is noteworthy that in Turkmenistan the Presidential election was held in a peaceful manner, in full compliance with the rules of hygiene. 

The observers group notes that the administration and law enforcement agencies have not been involved in any of the polling stations, and emphasizes that the elections were past in peaceful manner. 

According to the country's Electoral code, both national observers and international observers have been given the opportunity to observe the conduction of the elections on a regular basis. This has helped to increase the transparency of important political events, as well as the high level of public accountability of observers. 

The conduction of the elections were quickly announced to the media through the country's media, widespread also is of great importance in conduction of the elections in terms of openness and clarity. 

Thus, international observers Group of the Organization of Turkic States confirms that the elections were conducted in accordance with international standards and national legislation. Therefore, we congratulate the Honorable President of Turkmenistan and the turkmen people on the successful conduct of the elections and hope that the results of the election will contribute to the further development of the country."

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