06 May

Perfect destinations of meaningful life

At the new Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, special respect is paid to our national values. 

As we know, our Hero Arkadag addressing our esteemed President at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 25 this year, for many years working in leadership position, and he said that 25 years of those years was engaged in politics. Also, because of his busy schedule, declaring that he could not rest fully, asked to himself for a labor leave from April 1st. He also noted that he will be able to complete his new books during his labor leave. 

Here, in the glorious year going on under the slogan "the Era of the People with Arkadag" being on the labor leave national Leader presented as a gift for turkmen readers his literary-philosophical work «Ömrümiň manysy» on the holy month of Ramadan and was a valuable spiritual gift to our happy people. At the beginning of the book, the author - Honorary elder Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, not only reflects on the past and the work done, also, he points out that it is everyone’s responsibility to think about what to do next in life. 

Our scientist Arkadag, respecting the noble spiritual values ​​of our forefathers, by studying in detail the sources and information that have come down to our days, summarized and systematized them in his new work. The book describes the Turkmen land as a place of great significance for the general history of world culture for thousands of years, the home of great events and civilizations. 

Our national Leader emphasizes that the great living cultures created by our ancestors and the great states they founded are glorified in the history of mankind. He emphasizes that it fluttered like a banner of justice, science, principle of the states’. 

The fact that the new book is entitled “Ömrümiň manysy” has a special significance, because for many years, our Hero Arkadag has made great strides in introducing healthy lifestyles to the turkmen society, further enhancing the Earth's prestige of our state, and spreading the rich national heritage of our people to the world. As a result, many historical, cultural and natural monuments of our country have been included in the World heritage list. 

Our national Leader in his new philosophical work analyzing the gained knowledge and rich experience, by summarizing them, pays special attention to the issues of spiritual perfection, the law of creation, good manners and good intentions that elevate everyone. The book consists of chapters entitled “The Culture of Being”, “The Word about Faith”, “Primordial Principles Rooted in the Depths of  millennium”, “A Backward Look”, “Pilgrimage to the Holy Mecca and Medina”, “The Spiritual and Moral School of the Nation”. The use and clever depiction of folklore, the wise sayings of prominent personalities and philosophers of the past, which will serve as a guide to understanding the spiritual world of the turkmen people enhance the value and significance of this book. 

The new work discusses the meaningful destinations of the life of our Hero Arkadag, information about the way of life, the noble principles of our people, national traditions of our people. The book does not leave the reader indifferent to the fact that the national holiday of oraza, which is expressed in artistic, concrete evidence of its place in the life of the turkmen people. 

We firmly believe that the new book “Ömrümiň manysy” of our Hero Arkadag will provide spiritual support to the older and younger generations in achieving the lofty goals set for the next 30 years of the new Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state.

20 May
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20 May
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06 May
Perfect destinations of meaningful life

At the new Powerful period of new era of the Sovereign state under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, special respect is paid to our national values.  As we know, our Hero Arkadag addre...

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