18 Jan

Ramazan Durdiyev meets the electorate of Ahal velayat in Gyami

The cultural House of Gyami settlement, Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat hosted the meeting between the electorate and the candidate for the President of Turkmenistan, Deputy of the Mejlis, Director of Seydi Oil Refinery Ramazan Durdiyev.

The participants – representatives of local administration, elders, community, work collectives and mass media were presented with the biography of R. Durdiyev, who was nominated by the initiative group of the citizens. The candidate was characterized as competent and initiative leader.

R. Durdiyev stated the provisions of the electoral programme, which is aimed at consolidation of food security and economic potential. The candidate noted the necessity of establishment of perfect infrastructure of pipelines and communications of oil and gas complex, development of oil processing and chemical industry. The support of social programmes, improvement of cities and rural areas, development of sciences, education and reformation of agricultural sector will remained among the priority targets.

The aspirant for the highest government post answered the questions of the participants and highlighted that he is willing to continue consolidation of democratic fundamentals of the state, patriotic education of growing generation, revival and improvement of cultural, spiritual and moral values.

01 Aug
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14 July
A meeting was held with the UN delegation

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01 July
The VI Summit of the Heads of the Caspian littoral states in our capital

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28 June
The sea of friendship: new views

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16 June
Turkmen - iran friendship relationships are strengthen

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13 June
Good news from the UN

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13 June
High-level talks

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10 June
Dedicated work brings to success

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