01 Aug

The wheat – the source of blessing

At the new Powerful era of the Sovereign state achievements in all sectors of our country are proof that the efforts being made to improve the living standards of our brave people and to increase the economic potential of our state are a testament to their prosperity.

Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President at the year of "the Era of the People with Arkadag" great changes and developments are being made in the agricultural system of our country, creating ample opportunities for the population to live a prosperous life. As a result of large-scale reforms in agriculture, this important sector of our national economy has reached a qualitatively new level of development.

As our esteemed President noted, in our country, large-scale works aimed at the development of the agricultural sector is being carried out. Our state creates all the conditions for farmers. They are fully supplied with high quality seeds, mineral fertilizers, chemicals, modern agricultural machinery and water.

As the result of the attention of our esteemed President, our wheat harvest has been even more blessed this year, the harvest season was also carried out at a high level. The golden fields of the sun shine, the gentle breeze blows, the rippling fields seem to be a symbol of prosperity, of honest labour.

Today, generous and proud solutions aimed at creating food abundance in our Motherland further enhance the well-being of the people.

As you know, following the visit of our esteemed President to the holy Mecca-Medina with the blessings of our esteemed President, with the "Bismillah" of the honorable elders, with the words "Blessing to your harvest!" in our country the grain harvest has begun. Grain harvesting is a short-lived, but also very responsible, season. Harvesting the crops riped in the fields without spoiling requires high efficiency and organization. There is a beautiful saying among our people, "If you sow, sow wheat ...". This is a clear evidence that the white crop - the wheat - is highly valued. Sowing white wheat seeds to the motherland and reaping a bountiful harvest is considered a good deed in the supply of food for our tables.

It is said that " Zähmet soňy — rehnet." Pure and diligent work always yields positive results, making a person a high-ranking person.

Inspired by the constant support of our esteemed President, the staff of the agricultural complex is able to respond to the historic decisions made by the President in the field of significant development of this sector.

The provision of food security in our country is inextricably linked to the living standards of the population. Historical records confirm that the largest agricultural zone of white wheat is located in our country. Wheat, which is considered a farmer’s six-month pride, is the basis of the entire human food supply.

Thus, as a result of hard work of our Motherland’s brave farmers, a bountiful harvest of wheat was grown in the fields. Our spiritually prosperous farmers, who are the source of abundance and prosperity, weigh every grain of white wheat to gold have fulfilled their contractual obligations to the Motherland.   They harvested about than 1.5 million tons of cereals from 690,000 hectares of land and fulfilled their contractual obligations with dignity.

This labor victory of our grain farmers is a worthy response to the efforts made by our esteemed President to develop the agro-industrial complex and the conditions created for efficient labour.

The wheat – the source of blessing. Blessing on your harvest, turkmen farmer! May, our blessed tables always be full of turkmen bread made of white wheat flour!

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