11 Apr

The first meeting of the elected members was held

As you know, the elections of the deputies of Mejlis of Turkmenistan, members of velayat, etrap, halk maslahats and Gengeshes held on March 26, 2023, which was declared as "The year of Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar" were organized on the basis of multi-partyism, political diversity, competition, openness, transparency and democratic conditions. In the near days, identity cards were handed over to the elected members of velayat, etrap, city halk maslahats and Gengeshes in all parts of our country and were held their first meetings. 

According to the Electoral code of Turkmenistan, 240 people were elected as members of velayat, Ashgabat city halk maslahats, 960 as members of etrap, city halk maslahats, and 5897 as members of Gengeshes from among the candidates nominated by political parties and citizen groups. 

These elections, which reflect the full image of the unity, integrity, inner harmony, perfection and activity of all levels of turkmen society, which reign in our country, will go down in the glorious history of the people's memory as a result of the unique prosperity of our national democracy. 

Speaking at the meetings, the people's representatives assured that they will spare no effort, experience and knowledge to implement large-scale socio-economic programs aimed at strengthening the well-being and prosperity of the people in order to repay the high trust expressed by their voters. They noted that citizens of Turkmenistan now have completely new opportunities to participate in the political life of our country. 

As it was emphasized during the meetings, in accordance with the powers of the elected members, in the new historical conditions, the representatives of the state power and local self-government bodies have an important role in the implementation of fundamental reforms and large-scale development programs in our country initiated by our esteemed President. The elected members, in their turn, assured that they will work cleanly and honestly and spare no effort in bringing our Independent country to higher levels. In the Mejlises, specific measures to solve the tasks within the powers of the members of the velayat, etrap and city halk maslahats and Gengeshes were defined and organizational issues were considered. 

This is an important political event held at the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state, was a new step in the path of democratic reforms initiated by the National Leader of the turkmen people, our Hero Arkadag, and implemented in our country under the wise leadership of our esteemed President. These initiatives will be of great importance in deepening our democratic principles which are a reliable basis for the successful implementation of the reforms taking place in our country. 

In his historic speech at the first meeting of deputies of the seventh convocation of Mejlis of Turkmenistan our esteemed President said: "Based on the continuous modernization of the work of local bodies of state power, the Laws of Turkmenistan "On local representative bodies of state power", "On local bodies of executive power", "On local self-government" should be improved." 

Also, with a view to incorporating experiences gathered in elections and global experiences into electoral law, preparing the drafts of the Law of Turkmenistan "On amendments and additions to the Electoral code of Turkmenistan" and the Law of Turkmenistan "On the unified state Register of voters" is an important condition for the development of representative institutions in the future, he emphasized with great sense. 

 …Yes, this socio-political event last in spring, which was held in accordance with the level of international demands was a clear proof of the deep roots of democratic elections in our state of Turkmenistan.

08 June
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06 June
A polling station has been established

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05 June
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02 June
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24 May
Information about the numbers and boundaries of the constituencies created in Aba Annayev township of Karizek etrap of Arkadag city for the elections of members of Gengesh which will be held on July 23, 2023.

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24 May
Nomination of candidates has begun

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22 May
New residential building for deputies

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22 May
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