17 May

Our ancient heritage is spreading to the world

At the Revival of the new epoch of the Powerful state  through the successful continuation by our esteemed President of the noble initiatives launched by our Hero Arkadag, importance is attached to the continuous expansion of relations with the main bodies of the United Nations, in particular, UNESCO, its specialized agency for education, science and culture, and it is noteworthy that the national team of Turkmenistan conducts effective work. 

Centuries-old national values of the people under the wise leadership of our esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov are being scientifically studied and presented to the world community. Our national values accumulated over the centuries deserve the love of the peoples of the world. Our unique historical and cultural values are included in the list of UNESCO and they are protected. 

As you know, the types of our intangible cultural heritage, such as "Art of Turkmen embroidery", "Traditions of silk production in silk weaving" and "The tradition of reciting the comedy words of Molla Ependi" have been added to the prestigious list of intangible cultural heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Mrs. Golda El-Hourini, who came to our country on a visit, informed our esteemed President about this and presented relevant certificates of these values. This joyful news made our entire nation feel proud. 

The inclusion of Turkmen embroidery art in the UNESCO list of the intangible cultural heritage of Humanity testifies that this art has been passed down from generation to generation. 

When we talk about the art of embroidery, the lines of our classic poet Mammetveli Kemine's poem immediately come to mind: 

Meniň dilim, seniň eliň hünäri,
Nusga bolup galsyn ilden-illere.

Yes, the hard working women who are pouring in from ten fingers are worthy of this words. Our noble, hardworking grandmothers decorated their clothes and that of their descendants, that is, their sons and daughters, with their national patterns. 

The turkmen people are widely known among the peoples of the world for their national cultural values, which they have created, passed down and improved over the centuries. Patterns created by turkmen girls and women are famous among the perfect cultural values that contributed to the enrichment of world culture. 

It is worth noting that large-scale efforts are being made in our country to preserve our historical and cultural heritage and natural monuments, which are an integral part of world culture. By the way, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan's full membership of UNESCO. This proves that great work is being done together, cooperation is being strengthened in the cultural and humanitarian sphere and in the preservation of historical heritage. 

At present, work is underway to include Ashgabat in the UNESCO network of creative cities, and in the future to include other forms of art and unique traditions of our people in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of Humanity. 

More than that, the establishment of UNESCO departmets in two higher educational institutions of our country within the framework of the implementation of the international program "UNITWIN" is a clear proof of the fruitful nature of bilateral relations. 

Turkmen people cherish their ancient national values and pass them down from generation to generation. The rich life experience and hard work of our people have been absorbed into these wonderful works. Our people's love for historical values is increasing with each passing year.

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