21 Jan

Maksat Annanepesov introduces his electoral campaign to the electorate of the capital

Meeting of the electorate with one of the candidates for the post of the head of the State – Deputy Chairman of the State Association of Food Industry Maksat Annanepesov took place in Mekan Palace of Ashgabat hyakimlik. The heads of local administration, honoured elders, representatives of non-governmental organizations, working teams of the enterprises, mass media and youth gathered in the hall.

Official representative of the candidate introduced work biography and personal characteristics of the presidential aspirant, who was nominated by the initiative group of the citizens. The candidate was characterized as competent initiative leader having large professional experience and skills as well as a person loyal to the interests of the country and the people.

After, the floor was given to the aspirant for the post of the President of Turkmenistan. M. Annanepesov introduced his election programme to the participants. The candidate noted that it reflects the continuation of comprehensive state strategy for political, social, economic and cultural development of our country. Steadfast improvement of wellbeing of the people by dynamic development of all branches of national economy including medium and small business, support of stable production rates are the main direction of its platform. Owing to the establishment of new modern industrial enterprises, thousands of work occupancies will be appear in the country. Salaries, pensions and allowances will be regularly increased.

The candidate stated that in case of his election as President of Turkmenistan, special attention would be paid to the reform of scientific and educational spheres. Further improvement of fuel and energy complex was highlighted among the priority objectives.

During the conversation with the electorate, the development of agricultural complex, in particular the improvement of branches of agricultural production, improvement of crop capacity and production of livestock farming for provision of the population with food products and other, were discussed.

At the end of the meeting, the candidate expressed his gratitude to the participants for their attention and assured that he would spare no efforts for prosperity of the Motherland.

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