23 Jan

Meretdurdy Gurbanov answered the questions of Balkan velayat’s voters

In the Serdar etrap’s administrative center, it was held a meeting of Balkan velayat’s voters with the candidate for head of the state – Deputy khyakim of Dashoguz velayat Meretdurdy Gurbanov. Municipal Culture House hosted the meeting, attended by the heads of local government authorities, representatives of region enterprises and organizations, elders, youth, mass media.

An election agent of the candidate, pegged for by the initiative group of citizens, told about the biography of M.Gurbanov, noting the work experience in the field of agriculture, professionalism and responsibility.

Among the priorities, M.Gurbanov outlined the strengthening of the legal and democratic foundations of the state and society, development of international cooperation, growth of agricultural production through the creation of agricultural companies and full-service agro-plants.

M.Gurbanov answered the meeting participants’ questions, regarding the plans for development of education, healthcare, health and fitness movement, culture, sanatorium-resort infrastructure, transport and housing construction.

23 Dec
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30 July
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23 July
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