08 Nov

Autumn planting season

In the new historical epoch - the issues of environmental protection, increase of the resources of the turkmen nature in the prosperous period of our sovereign state are the focus of our state and the priority of the successful ecological policy of our President. 

As a result of the wise initiatives of our esteemed President, gardening in our country has become a noble tradition every spring and autumn. In this regard, last Saturday, with the participation of our dear Arkadag, a large-scale autumn season was launched to turn the surroundings of cities and villages of the country into a garden. 

As you know, esteemed President paid a working visit to the southern part of the capital on October 26 this year, here he got acquainted with the work being carried out in the final phase around the cultural park of Magtymguly Pyragy and noted that it would be expedient to hold the autumn season of planting garden seedlings here. In this regard, more than 61,200 seedlings of juniper seedlings were planted in and around Magtymguly Pyragy's 153-hectare cultural-park complex by participants in a mass gardening ceremony on Saturday. In addition to planting trees here, pre-existing gardens were cared for. 

As part of the mass planting ceremony, a total of 4,248,740 root and other tree seedlings were planted across the country in one day. Including 1,835,740 saplings planted in Ashgabat and its suburbs, and 2,413,000 saplings planted in our velayats. Across the country, 3 million 590 thousand 740 existing tree seedlings were also taken care of that day. 

The initiatives of our national leader to create forest zones and expand the boundaries of parks are widely supported by our people. In the mountain valleys and hills, forests of juniper trees have been established for now, their number has already reached tens of millions. The areas where trees are planted, such as saxaul, gandym and cherkez, which are typical of the Garagum desert, are also changing. The annual planting ceremony of mass garden seedlings in our country has now become a noble tradition. In fact, the turkmen people have dreamed of turning their homeland into a garden for centuries. The man who sat in the garden always had special respect. 

Garden seedlings planted in the year "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust" will add beauty to the beauty of our nature and ensure ecological well-being. As our Hero Arkadag wisely points out, planting a garden is to write your name on the ancient land forever. Our hardworking fathers have learned the subtle secrets of creating beautiful gardens since ancient times and have inherited them from generation to generation. 

In accordance with the relevant Resolution of the President, this year, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the independence of our Motherland in our capital and in the provinces of the country it is planned to plant 30 million seedlings of shade, pine, fruit trees and grapes. 10 million of them will be planted around the capital. 

May our Hero Arkadag’s life, who is making great efforts to turn our dear Motherland into a flower-garden, and may the great deeds of the people always prosper!

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